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This process begins; during our initial home visit we go through a discovery interview where we begin to absorb everything about you, and your home renovation requirements. The absorbing period is a method in which our developing staff can discover your needs and start the processing method of your Home renovation plan. To ensure everything is correct and meets your expectation. WeDo staff have an Assessment Evaluation document that helps the process be completed in a professional manner and gives us assurance that the absorbing step is correctly carried out.


Analyse from the information we have gathered, we are then in a position to conduct an analysis to create a concept plan and indicative costs based on the brief. This is a very important stage where you will get a better understanding of the feasibility of what you want compared to the budget you had in mind. Upon the completion of analysing we will then contact you and discuss the outcome, this will then give you the opportunity to scale up or down with your budget .


Once the analysis has been discussed with you and you have given WeDo the thumbs up , we then  will design  a detailed plan. The designed plan will then allow us to put together the accurate (Quote). (.We finds that without a design a accurate (Quote) is impossible.) Many home owners make the mistake and don’t get a design developed when working with a tradesman.


Upon completion of the design application we can then commence with the building application. This four stage working approach allows WeDo  to work with the client and to make sure the home renovation is, on time and to the budget agreed

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